NARSA Approaching!

It’s April and that means that it will shortly be the NARSA day rally. Last year the organisers took a slightly different approach to focus more on clubs and what clubs are doing. As a club we had a narrow band QO100 station on both transmit and receive and a 5GHz TV demonstration, and this year to expand on that we are planning on both the QO100 narrow band transmit and receive as well as QO100 TV receive.

Alongside the QO100 station we are also demonstrating some club projects based on LoRa modules, (MeshCom, Meshtastic and TinyGS). We’ve decided to focus on TinyGS as with the telemetry received and decided that has the most interesting display for the rally.

It’ll be interesting to see what other clubs are up to and hopefully give us some inspiration for future projects and talks.

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