As part of learning Morse code I purchased a Morserino-32, described as a “multi-functional Morse device”, it can be used as a morse trainer – with a number of different training functions style, a morse decoder, an oscillator with built in capacitive touch paddles and even a transmitter over WiFi, Bluetooth & LoRa.

The Morserino comes with “some assembly required”, but it’s not particularly difficult, just a few through-the-hole components needing soldering.

…and once completed and in the snazzy acrylic case…

The assembly was simple and doesn’t require much skill, I’d say that most people willing to make the effort would be able to complete this even without any previous soldering experience although a little practice beforehand on some perfboard or similar would be wise! The main complication with the Morserino is that the battery is not included due to shipping complications, a few recommendations can be found on the website and the main thing is to chose the size and capacity which suits. Physically the size of the battery can vary but there are risers included to fit batteries of different sizes, just be sure to read everything twice and double check before purchasing the battery.

So far I’ve only scratched the surface of the capabilities of the Morserino, I’ve only used it as a practice paddle and a Morse tutor, but it seems like a great bit of kit and I’m looking forward to making good use of it and having some some fun!