Oops, zapped my Auto ATU!

As I’ve documented on this website I have recently put together an Auto ATU 100 kit. The ATU works well and I’ve bought a metal case but the buttons that came with the kit aren’t great and I’ve not put the time in to cut out the case. For the time being I have been using the ATU on a plastic tupperware lid, however I’ve also been using Dupont wires and croc clips to connect to my power supply which has led to some unfortunate incidents with disconnected wires shorting to ground, in the latest incident I have unfortunately fried a small region of trace.

Everything seems to work fine, however I’m going to add a small jumper wire to replace this trace as it looks fairly dodgy. I’m hoping that I haven’t fried any components but I think I’ll have to add the two optional extra buttons to allow me to use some of the debugging features.

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