LM380/NE5534 Audio Amplifier

Earlier this week I made a start on the audio amplifier for the Sudden SSB N6QW Transceiver I’m building with the scratch QRP build group, yes another audio amp! I decided on a Manhattan approach using “Manhattan Style Solder Pads” from Kanga Products which are great and allow for a much neater approach than ugly (obviously) and for me a much easier construction style than vero board, which I grew to hate in putting together the audio amp that I built for M0NTV direct conversion receiver which I’m still debugging. One thing I have noticed with Manhattan is that you really do need to get the placement of the pad right first time as the glue sets pretty much instantly, no time for hesitation!

A great thing about the pads from Kanga Products is that they are double sided, one side is a single pad and the other side is split into a double pad, I have found this very useful for various situations where you want to fit a couple of pads close together. The double pads can been seen on my board used for the IC sockets and just above the IC on the left where I have used a double rather than two singles for neatness and to keep the pads compact.

I just need to add a 2r7 on the bottom right, connect up the volume pot, connect up the speaker and add a connection wire, then pop in the ICs and it should be ready to power up!

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