Learning Morse Code – The Second Week

Ok so the second week was less successful than the first. I got distracted by the suggestion that online invigilated Intermediate exams might be available soon and also just had a generally busier week and struggled to find that 15/20 mins without distractions before I got too tired. I have however continued on, using the Ham Morse app on my iPhone to start learning the numbers at 20wpm with word spacing at 15wpm.

I started the alphabet last week using the Chuck Adams course which gives you the letters at 17wpm at 5wpm word spacing. I’ve found it quite effective but before continuing on to words I felt like I wanted more practice of the letters at the 5wpm word spacing as I was getting a bit flustered so I’ve been using the Ham Morse app for that extra practice.

I’m going to try to keep plugging away at it, I figure even a little bit regularly all adds up!

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