Learning Morse Code – A Month In

The last couple of weeks I’ve been fairly consistent at practicing each weekday and I’ve moved back to using the Chuck Adams K7QO course.

I had a bit of an issue when I came across two tracks which were identical which didn’t match the answers. When I emailed Chuck K7QO he pointed me to his website and the official ISO.

The new version I have got (v3) is a little different, it has 514 tracks as opposed to the 131 on the original I had, it also treats learning numbers a little differently. In the original for each number it would teach you the number (i.e. a track with just that number) and then mix it in with characters whereas in the new one teaches each number then gives you track with a combination of numbers, they aren’t mixed in with letters until you have completed learning the numbers.

I successfully read a CQ message, DE, and callsign after a significant amount of listening, but fair to say a long way to go at full speed over the radio!

I am noticing that some characters are becoming automatic when I copy, however others require more thinking and that slows me down. Just more practice needed, but with 514 tracks on the course and all the apps and resources available I’ll have no shortage of practice!

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